JF2101国产替代理光RICOH RP115 LDO 500mA PSRR 95db

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  • 型号:   JF2101/RP115
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The JF2101 series is a CMOS-based positive low-dropout linear regulator (LDO) featuring 400mA that provides high PSRR, high output voltage accuracy, fast load regulation, lownoise and low supply current.
It consists of a voltage reference, an error amplifier, a resistorladder for output voltage setting. It also has under-voltagelockout (UVLO), over current/short circuit protection circuit and over temperature shutdown circuit.
The JF2101 typically has 80mV dropout voltage at 400mA load current with VOUT=1.8V and chip enable function (EN) forlong battery life.
Excellent ripple rejection, load transient and line transientresponse make it ideal for the power sources of mobilecommunication devices or camera modules in low lightcondition. It can also turn on under full load condition, makingit suitable for harsh system environment.


• Portable Device, Tablets and Smartphone
• Cameras, VCRs and Car Dash Cameras Home
• Low Light & Low Noise Cameras Applications
• Communications and Infrastructure

• AR or VR Application

• Dropout Voltage: 80mV(IOUT=400mA, VOUT=1.8V, typ.)
• High-PSRR: 95dB(f=5kHz, IOUT =10mA, lower VOUT settings, typ.)
• Output Noise: 10μVrms(10-100KHz, 0.9V output voltage settings, typ.)
• Fast Load Regulation
• 1% Tolerance
• Line Regulation: 0.01%/V
• Supply Current (no load): 85μA (typ.)
• Supply Current (Standby): 0.1μA (typ.)
• Output Voltage Range: 0.85V to 4.3V with 0.05V step,0.835V(min.)
• Built-in Short Current Protection Limit: 120mA
• Built-in Peak Current Protection Limit: 1.0A
• Built-in Thermal Shutdown Temperature: 165°C (typ.)

• Built-in Soft-Start and Inrush Current Suppression